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Current Site Bond Team Focus

  • Establish Site Bond Team – Who will be on your team?  – invite people that know social media
    • How often will you meet?
    • How will you disseminate information?
  • Create a plan to hand out yard signs to your staff/community
  • Yard Sign Distribution Plan – Send somebody to pick up 50 signs at the follow days/time
    • CEHS Area– Vons at Fowler and Herndon (Tuesday 12 – 1)
    • CHS Area – Save Mart at Shaw and Armstrong (Tuesday 12 – 1)
    • BHS Area– Save Mart at Willow and Nees (Thursday 12 – 1)
    • CNHS Area – Dutch Bros at Maple and Behymer (Thursday 12 – 1)
    • CWHS Area– Save Mart at First and Nees  (Tuesday 4:30-5:30)

Campaign Updates

  • 40,000 door hangers will be delivered to strategic residences within the next week
  • Fifty 4×8 corner signs will be installed by September 7
  • 2500 yard signs will be distributed within the next two weeks


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Division Leading School Posts
High School
DO Complex

Social Media

Shareable Graphic for Facebook/Instagram:


Sample Posts for Facebook/Instagram:

  • While there’s a lot of controversy at the top of our ballot this November, one thing that isn’t controversial is our kids. Helping our kids at Clovis Unified and voting #YesOnA will help keep our schools the #1 in the Valley and invest in our future.


  • Our kids need your help. Help us get our neighborhood schools up-to-date and ready for Clovis Unified kids to return to campus. Voting #YesOnA will ensure they have the needed health and safety measures in place!


  • Like your Clovis Unified schools? They need your help. Voting #YesOnA is the best way to help ensure our schools remain the best in the region and give our students the space and upgrades they need – plus it won’t raise your taxes!

Campaign Themes

  • No change to your existing tax rate
  • Health & Safety Improvements
  • Protect Property Values
  • All money stays LOCAL
    • Local money.  Local jobs.
  • District Overcrowding (District wide vs. TBEC specific boundary changes)


  • Requires 55% passing rate
  • $335M Bond – which allows us to extend the current tax rate ($155 per $100k of assessed value)

All voters will receive a vote-by-mail ballot. Ballots will begin being sent by October 5th.  They must be mailed by November 3.