The differences couldn’t be more stark. See how Prop. 15 and Measure A work and why they’re so different.

Prop. 15

  • Proposition 15 is a property tax increase that will partial repeal of Proposition 13.
  • It will raise property taxes on commercial and industrial properties, assessing those properties at their current market value rather than the purchase price of the property.
  • Prop. 15's tax hike applies to land owners who own commercial or industrial properties whose properties are worth a combined $3 million or more.
  • Revenue raised by Prop. 15 will go to the State of California's general fund. The property tax revenues are controlled by Sacramento and Clovis Unified is not guaranteed a share.
  • While it does not affect homeowners, opponents of Proposition 15 argue this is the first step toward repealing Prop. 13 for residential homeowners.

Measure A

  • Measure A is a school bond that does not raise your home's property taxes. Period.
  • If approved, Measure A funds will enable us to improve Clovis Unified's aging schools – many of which were built in the 1950s – and ensure that Clovis schools remain the #1 in the Valley.
  • Measure A also includes strict citizen-led oversight and accountability measures to ensure that funds are spent correctly.
  • Not a single penny of Measure A bond money will go to pay salaries, ensuring your funds go straight to the classroom to improve our schools.