CUSD Leadership Team – Bond Update (10/30)

*The information on this website is part of the Yes On A campaign which can only be shared during off hours via personal channels (personal email, text, social media, etc).  Not included on this page is information from Kelly Avants.  Her resources are fact-based and can be shared using District resources.

Current Site Bond Team Focus

  • We are offering double points for our hashtag competition to anyone that posts a personal
    picture. Ideas include: a family photo in front of a Measure A yard sign, a photo of you
    holding your ballot that is marked Yes on A, family Halloween photos, etc.
  • We are tracking the number of ballots that have been received by Fresno County. As of yesterday, they have received 43% of the CUSD area ballots.

Campaign Updates

  • Focus all your efforts to remind our stakeholders to get out and vote! Final day is November 3rd!

Contest Leaderboard as of 10/30 (calculated by the number of REACTIONS and SHARES)

Division Leading School Posts
Elementary Fancher Creek


Secondary Clovis East


DO Complex Business Services


Social Media

Sample Post:

Election Day is Tuesday! If you haven't voted yet, help keep Clovis schools strong by voting #YesOnA. Looking for places to vote? Ballot drop boxes and voting centers can be located at

FB/Instagram Sharable Graphic

Campaign Themes

  • No change to your existing tax rate
  • Health & Safety Improvements
  • Protect Property Values
  • All money stays LOCAL
    • Local money.  Local jobs.
  • District Overcrowding (District wide vs. TBEC specific boundary changes)


  • Requires 55% passing rate
  • $335M Bond – which allows us to extend the current tax rate ($155 per $100k of assessed value)
  • All voting will be done by mail.  Ballots will begin being sent by October 5th.  They are due by November 3.