CUSD Leadership Team – Bond Update (10/2)

*The information on this website is part of the Yes On A campaign which can only be shared during off hours via personal channels (personal email, text, social media, etc).  Not included on this page is information from Kelly Avants.  Her resources are fact-based and can be shared using District resources.

Current Site Bond Team Focus

  • Meet with your Site Bond Team to get your social media plan in place for the week – see potential “cut and paste” posts below
  • Voting starts next week!  We anticipate that many people will cast their vote right away.  Tell your team to get the word out!
  • We have more yard signs.  If you need more call/text Nick Mele @ 392-1625
  • On Facebook, Like the YesonAClovisUnified page
  • Start to utilize the NextDoor app to share information 

Campaign Updates

  • Billboards are now up in 4 locations around town
  • Radio ads will start next week
  • A mailer is being set over the next two weeks
  • Our Facebook ad campaign is going to start increasing in the coming days with 30 second video clips that have been produced

Contest Leaderboard (calculated by the number of REACTIONS and SHARES)

Division Leading School Posts
Elementary Fancher Creek


Secondary Clovis East 744
DO Complex CIA 25

Social Media

Sample Post:

Want to keep our Clovis Unified schools strong? We need to keep them up-to-date. Measure A will help repair more than half of our schools, which are 25 years or older.

FB/Instagram Sharable Graphic

Area Updates

Clovis West Area – A lot of yard signs up in the Clovis West Area.  Also have seen an increase in social media traffic of sharing, liking and posting facts.

Clovis North Area – Signs are up. Promoting social media.  Meeting with PTCs and parent groups.

Clovis East Area – Clovis East Area continues to be a force on social media.  Signs are out and going through neighborhoods.  Principals have been sharing facts with teams, neighbors, and parents.  SART meetings coming up and Measure A is on the agenda

Buchanan Area - BHS has been utilizing their classified staff this week to push the bond as Kathy Zamora (Area Assistant) connected with the area office managers to help promote it and share best strategies and ways to promote on social media. 

CHS Area - The CHS area has made a commitment that every parent at each school is fully informed on the 2 items each school will get (door locks & air filtration).  As such, social media and other school communication is being utilized to inform and direct families to our district website

Campaign Themes

  • No change to your existing tax rate
  • Health & Safety Improvements
  • Protect Property Values
  • All money stays LOCAL
    • Local money.  Local jobs.
  • District Overcrowding (District wide vs. TBEC specific boundary changes)


  • Requires 55% passing rate
  • $335M Bond – which allows us to extend the current tax rate ($155 per $100k of assessed value)
  • All voting will be done by mail.  Ballots will begin being sent by October 5th.  They are due by November 3.